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THE ALL in ALL is MIND; The Universe is Cerebral Energy–The Science of Earth. This Principle embodies the truth that "All in All is Mind".

An Understanding of this great Organic Nature of the Earth of cerebral, physical thought enables the individual too readily

grasp the laws of the Science of the Universe as created, and to apply the same to his well-being and

advance spirituality.

The Science of the Earth student are enabled to apply intelligently the great Mental Laws, Religious metaphorsand allegories of the personifacation of Christ, in all beliefs in Supreme being;

instead of using them in a haphazard manner. With the Master-Key in his possession, the Shepherd will unlock the many doors of the mental and psychic temple of knowledge, which has always been in you, and never outside of you. This Principle explains the true nature of energy, power, and matter, and why and how all these are subordinate to the Mastery of Mind; As it states in 2nd Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Cerebral Nature of the Earth is well advanced, and operates on the highest frequency, vibration and mastery, better known as the spirit of Christ. This mastery is not a mystery if you’re tuned in with the vibrations of Earth’s presence in Christ consciousness. My dear wonderful family you must know the Bible is a script, (scripture), with allegories, parables, fables, myths, moral, and metaphors.

The Bible is the word of the Supreme being; but it has been Revised, stepped-on, cut, and written in such a way that if you’re not tuned into God directly you will be made a weak, dumb, Sheep, and not an intelligent Shepherd that's connected to the Earth's vibrational communications. You see whenever there's a Tsunami, for the most part it catches people by surprise, and there's massive loss of life; But in some cases during a Tsunami, you will find that some indigenous people of the land escaped harm because they are in tune with the nature of the earth; they observed the animals behaviors and they and the animals made it to higher ground.

This Great Spirit is the power of earth, and its here to guide us if we are in sync with it. For those of you who think this is some new age made up religion and you think there's only your religion then please try this earth's self-examination for a moment. We will prove with this exam how directly connected you are with each other and the earth. First, place the palms of your hands firmly over your ears; Second listen to the internal sounds of your body. Third go Google the sound the earth makes, and you will be amazed to know that our tone with the earths is one in the same. The major religions are Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoist, and the rest; and they all close their prayers with the exact same sound spelled differently, but all ending in the same tone of the earth's vibration. We are within the spirit of the ONE common love for all in humanity better known as the LAW of AUM, OM and AMEN. When the Earth rotates by the power of Amen, bearing witness to the Law (God) in sync, we are all in tuned with the melody of the Mind of God, (Law).

You are the Earth, and the earth is your only faith. Malachi 2:10 Have we not all one Father? did not one God create us? Why do we profane the covenant of our fathers by breaking faith with one another?

You have been made unconscious by religions: faith never Authorized by our Creator. Knowingly or unknowingly, most of us have been made to be like sheep: and what is a sheep? A sheep is a timid, defenseless creature; A docile, dumb person, one easily influenced or led. The Law of this Universe never authorized this confusion. Corinthians 14:33 For God is not the Author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints. You were given a prescribed, script, to live in love, faith, power, and sound mind; The Science of The Earth teachings gives you back the power you were born with. You are in love with the righteous Christ spirit in you. The shepherd in you can’t be limited to a named religion that came after you, because you are the religion. Paul is the one after Christ that gave the world the said name Christianity; But you will find nowhere else the name Christian in the bible before that. So whose mind do you have really?

We are clearly here as one nation, totally equal, from the billionaire to the poorest of the poor, with "No Chosen People". The only thing that separates Saints from sinners, are their imagination, and mental thoughts, which is their Thinking. You see as the Master and our ancestors are giving this to me by way of the spirit in thought. First there was thought, and then there was the word of God, and not the word of God first as commonly written. When you allow the Master to unlock your Mind, you automatically become inner twinned with Christ Mind, and Earth's Mind as One Mind.

Proverbs 29:18 Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepth the law, happy is he. Do you bear witness that the people who have religion have destroyed the world with division? And what tricks and traps do they lay for anyone who thinks outside of the box of the said religion you’re in? They call you a sinner, unrighteous, an infidel, and the rest. No one wants to be considered against God, so we cow down to fear to stay in this little box called Christ. Who has your Mind my friend? Are you a Sheep or Shepherd? Proverbs 29:25 The fear of man bringeth a snare: but every man’s judgment cometh from the Lord (Law). Meaning we are all governed by our submission to the Supreme Being alone: who’s our only Master? Again I ask whose mind do you have? Who’s eyes do you see your religion? The Law is against rape, murder, slavery, the subjugation of women, and hate. All most all named religions have been built up on the backs of rape, murder, slavery, mistreatment of women, and hate, and all in the name of their said God.

The Science of the Earth is organic, and has no beginning, and has no ending, it’s infinite.

The Science of the Earth predates any said religion, far beyond what is written, by many millions of years, and beyond that.

The Holy Bible is 6,000 years old as written. The Quran is 1,500 years old, to give you a few examples. Your Mind DNA is of the One infinite Mind. That is of the Author, and greatest most absolute power in this universe and in all universes.

Whose mind do you have? Christ is in all moral religions, undivided as one, if you really have Christ mind in you.

1 Corinthians 2:16 for we hath known the mind of the Lord (Law) that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ. And this actual fact is as true to-day as at the time they were first written about. Without the Master-Key of Christ consciousness, we are in a Mental Hell. THE ALL is MIND; The Universe is the cerebral thoughts of the Supreme Being. The Generator of all life.

The principle within the scientific and precise algorithms in our mind, body, and spirit embodies the truth that All is of One Mind. It explains THE ALL in All (which is the Supernatural Reality underlying all the outward manifestations and appearances which we

know understand to be The Material Universe. This part maybe hard for those who are afraid to step out of the diminutive box of mental slavery; Christ is to be crystallized into one with the Almighty. Christ isn’t an image of a man nor does this image belong to a particular religion. But Christ is the truest energy, power, and love possible in spirit! Who taught you about Christ? And did they also make sheep out of its followers, waiting for a heaven not on here on earth? What a phenomenal lie they tell.

This power I speak of is Matter, Energy, and in short, all that is apparent to our material senses is The SPIRIT, which in itself is UNKNOWABLE and UNDEFINABLE, but which may be considered and thought of as the answer to all in all.

Now that we may have your attention: again our mission is about miracles in our daily lives. The Universal Law, or living Spirit, is infinite. The force of Christ is in You. The universal Law can’t discriminate; And it will give you the desires of your heart if you have faith in this presence in you. You are not your present body, your emotions, or your mind alone.

You are part of the living spirit of Earth and Christ. You may be down in the gutters of hell, and it matters not what circumstances you in there’s a living Christ lying dormant in you waiting to ordain your ascension into Mental Heaven. This is call this Kudalini, or Christ, as the Almighty has given it to me. The Science of Earth teaches that within the universal law there’s dual energy: one power that pervades all things and everything is a part of earth’s power. This Is Your Life. What will you do with it? The first thing you must do is to remove the negative energy of fear out of your life because it’s not the real you as previously mentioned above in 2nd Timothy 1:7. For in the Mind (Earth) of the Almighty: fear and God cannot co-exist at the same time and place, This is basic science, it’s impossible. This is why most religions say you should fear God, to keep you as sheep: when you should respect God (LAW) with faith, and never ever fear, because He did not give us the spirit of fear. Now can’t you see why you must break free and put on the full Armory of the Law of Christ?

Come join our universal family of Christ, and learn the Science of the Earth teachings? For we make Shepherds and not Sheep. What is Peace? To be in complete harmony with the Earth. You’re now free to be like Christ. John 14:12 Verily, verily, I say unto You, He that believth in me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto the Father (Earth’s Mind in me).

The World Christ Center International members, love you no matter what race, creed, color, ethnicity, or economic standings. We are of One Faith!

"We Make Shepherds Not Sheep”

Your Servant,

Minister Phineas Sr.