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Minister Phineas Sebastian Jones, Sr., was born in St. Louis, Mo. and is the proud husband to his best friend and wife Tonia; He was born in the sixties and is the son of Reverend and Mrs. P.W. Jones, Sr.; He's the proud father of two sons and two daughters, and grandfather to six outstanding grandchildren.

Minister P.S.J. is the former bodyguard of celebrities, politicians, business executive, and others. In 2002, he was the co-owner and Sensei of Cross Winds School of Self-Defense in Duluth, GA. He's the Founder and CEO of P.S.J. Global Security, LLC and he's been waiting all his life to get to this point in his life, to tell the world about the universal Christ.

He was called to preach as a young man, but he didn’t answer the call because of fear. He was afraid because he was given a unified message of Christ to teach; A Christ that is equally present in all moral religions. He stated about his early calling that, to the best of his knowledge he personally never witnessed anyone preaching about a universal Christ before; Here the story in his own words about God calling him into the Ministry.

In the early sixties, as a young child in Sunday school at my father’s church called  New Bethlehem Baptist Church in St. Louis, Mo., I would ask questions like: Is God the God of this earth only, or is he also the God of all the universes? I was angrily repudiated as being very disrespectful to God!

What I began to see is that there are biblical life lessons all around us every day, outside of the church, mosque, temple, hall, centers, or any place of worship. Wherever there’s life, God is! My life was like a Donnie song, “We fall down, but we get up, for a saint is just a sinner who fails down; But we couldn’t stay there and we got up”. This is my tailored made and others story when you live in fear and don’t answer the call to teach, and preach his word you will keep falling till you fearlessly stand as instructed.

I teach what God tells me to teach; And my assignment is to teach the world that Christ is equally in all morally, righteous religions, regardless of what their names are  period. You see I have proudly worshiped with Christians, Muslims, Hebrews, Hindus, Taoist, Buddhist, African Kemetic, Native Indians, Atheist, Agnostics, and almost all in all God has given me a universal message in my heart from a young child.

As I said, I ducked and dodged this message, waiting for someone else to teach, and while I waited almost 5o years to deliver it I was unwise to a billion and one mistakes. Everything I tried would always bring me back to my propose; I had like the cat, be trapped in the corner, and the only way out for me to safety, was to get over my fear of the world not accepting this universal  message of Christ.

You see, if was just delivering the Science of the Earths teaching to Christians only, It would be easier, or to Muslims, and just one particular faith. But I have to teach as taught to all faiths that we are all of One faith, as it was since our conception. Every religion almost, says that “they are the only way and until and unless you believe in their said God you will perish and not see the hereafter.”

God, as I worshiped with different faiths would teach me their similarities: Like, the power of a Buddhist Monks prayer, and how it sound so similar to how my ancestor in Africa, and later here in America sound when they pray. How most faiths prayers all end with the same pitch sound and tone, of AMEN, OM, and UME, which is the exact sound of the HUM of the earth make as it spins on its axles. God said” if they only knew my voice they would know I AM, All in All.”

So this is a synopsis of being called into this ministry.  I pray that you ask God for guidance and understanding on your path to righteousness.  Christ is the greatest gift you could ever have. The universal Christ I speak of is not the same Christ that is being commonly taught by most today; The Christ I speak of is not in a small religious box.  The Christ I represent, can freely walk the earth with ease, and see itself in all spiritual faiths, and teach peace, love, power, and sanity. A religion is a region only! You are worshiping you religion, because you were born into it based on your region in the earth, or you were forced into it some kind of way by slavery, with very few exceptions. 

Most people are too afraid, as I was, to think, ask questions, and listen to see if what’s being taught can outlast any past, present, or future challenges. Every religion, says they have “The Facts and non-other has the truth but ours”. Well there are facts, and there are actual facts; An actual fact is the same from Genesis until infinity, it never changes, and cannot be rivaled.  The bible is 6,000 years old as written; but this earth is over a billion years old, and has always had occupants living on it since time began. In fact almost daily their digging up bones in Africa, that are 4 million years old and beyond. The word of God is real, but man Revised, Edit, and their million different versions; You will find with fearless study cannot stand up against the actual facts of time present.

I have been waiting all my life to get to this point to tell the world about the universal Christ. I was called to preach as a young man, but I didn’t answer the call because of fear. I was afraid because I was given a unified message of Christ to teach; A Christ that is equally present in all moral religions. To the best of my knowledge I personally never witnessed anyone preach a universal Christ before; So I thought what I was asked to do was a lie, because I felt that I was unqualified.  In the early sixties, as a young child in Sunday school at my father’s church called New Bethlehem Baptist Church in St. Louis, Mo., I would ask questions like; Is God the God of earth only,  or is he also the God of all the universes?

 Inside me, I always had this guide to direct my thoughts, but I was too weak to expand on the inspirations because I was afraid of what people would think, so I would quit, over and over again I would have internal battles that countered what was commonly taught in churches.

I have been challenged many times by leaders, and members of most religious faiths; But never by leaders or members who live the life of the universal way of peace and harmony; Why? because there is no division in the way of God if you really understand the message of the Messiah. 1 Corinthians 14:33, For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints. The greatest misconception of mankind is that he has been taught that he is separate from God. That's the real devil mindedness. With God all things are possible. The person who affirms the concept of God in-person; will become God in action. "Affirm I believe that I am God in action."  Your Oneness with the OMNIPOTENT power will give you omniscient knowledge , guidance, and love in abundance.

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